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Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020

This year's exhibition and awards ceremony will be a little different, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the exhibition and awards ceremony has been moved online. Feel free to visit the online gallery to view the exhibition and if you are interested in buying my artwork click here. There’s lots of view and buy including some amazing original wildlife art plus affordable ‘#SketchForWildlife postcards that are donated 100%. It’s free to visit the exhibition online, but please do consider making a £5 donation to DSWF to help fund their vital work. I´d be super happy if you voted for my work for the People’s Choice Award to be entered into a free Prize Draw. ;) Winners will be announced at the online @DSWFWildlife 2020 Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 26 May 2020 and you can register to join us here.

See you there! :D

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