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The joy and art of slowing down

Hey there,

I hope you are well and got to slow down a bit during the last few weeks!

I know it can be quite hard to be confined...we always feel most attracted to that, which we cannot have at the moment, right... ^^ ...but (and this is a big ´but´) there´s something special about this current situation too.

For one you have the opportunity to join the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020 Awards Ceremony online and view the whole exhibition without having to fly to London, which is absolutely awesome. I am so excited to share this wonderful event with you.

Most importantly there is time, time for yourself...away from the hustle of everyday life. It opens a completely new space for awareness (yes, that´s the yogi in me ^^). I know it can be hard to let change happen and adjust to what you need right now! Trust me. :) You might feel robbed of the comfort of your habits, because everything is upside down or you take up so many tasks that your To-Do list is longer than a roll of toilet paper (pun intended ^^).

I myself haven´t been painting too much over the last few weeks for example, which I almost beat myself up for. I say almost because it is okay! It is okay to adjust and step outside your routines...and for me that is also vital, to keep the creative juices and eventually life flowing.

So, aside from inviting you to join the Awards ceremony of this year´s Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition (GET the link via my newsletter or here), I encourage you to try out new things during this open times (maybe learn how to find the perfect spots for paintings in your home with my free guide... :))

Pick up a paint brush and some paints and start creating (no, the perfectionist in you is not allowed a seat in the first or even the second row) if you feel the same way and feel free to share the process and end result with me on social media. :D

See you at the Ceremony! :D

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