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News in June

Wow! What an amazing first half of the year. There is so much that has happened. I finally got to see most of the beautiful animals, I love to paint, in the wilderness of Africa. (I´ll write about that in another post, otherwise I´d write a whole novel today ^^) While I was travelling through South Africa getting my Field and Trails Guide certificates, two of my paintings ("Invisible Lines" and "Silence") made their way to the Mall Galleries in London, where they were exhibited with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in the aid of wildlife conservation. This made me extremely proud as it is already the third year in a row that I successfully participated in this prestigious contest (Wildlife Artist of the Year). :D

Silence and Invisible Lines When I came back I got notified that my oil painting "Okapi" is amongst the finalists of this year´s ARC salon contest. I was stunned...only the best realism artists get selected for this esteemed competition... As if this wasn´t mind-blowing enough, two paintings will be exhibited in the Artists for Conservation travelling exhibition starting in Canada later this year. (More on this soon) All this happened while I was gone...maybe I should do this more often. ^^ I cannot stress, how grateful I am for these special events in the first half of 2019 as well as for you, who are reading this and supporting me! Thank you!!!

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